3 Reasons an Uncontested Divorce Is Ideal

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Deciding To Divorce After living with my husband for about fifteen years, I could tell that there were some major topics we were not going to be able to agree on. For one thing, he was strangely connected to his family, and he couldn't bear to be apart from them. It was frustrating, which is why I decided to leave as soon as I found out about the affairs. Although I went through some dark times, I wouldn't be where I am now without the divorce I went through. I wanted to create a blog completely dedicated to divorce so that other people could see the light.




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Uncontested divorce is essentially being able to file for divorce on mutual grounds meaning yourself and your spouse agree upon the terms of the divorce and it's considered a "no-fault" separation. This means both spouses have agreed upon the divorce and are equal in the separation and division of assets. This is really the best way to go because it is less likely that legal issues will arise and everyone comes out of it generally happy. This is especially great when there are kids involved. Here are three specific reasons it's definitely the best divorce option out there:

It's Affordable: Most likely, you won't need a lawyer when going through an uncontested divorce since there really isn't anything to protect if you and your spouse are in agreement on separation terms. This makes it more affordable since you won't have to pay for the legal representation. You will need to go to meditation though to get everything legally planned out in writing.

At this point, if you find that it's difficult to actually determine what's fair legally, that's when you might want to have a lawyer by your side. However, keep in mind that during mediation, there are is typically someone in the room who specializes in mediation who can help you come to agreement terms and understand how it's written out legally. 

It's Faster: Since you likely won't be spending any time arguing and not being able to come to conclusions in mediation, it makes the whole process a lot faster. This way, you are able to enter a marital separation agreement rather than having to move on from mediation straight to a set date for trial where a judge will basically decide the terms of the divorce. This is a long process because you will have to go to a pre-trial and then wait, possibly months before the actual trial where everything is legally then set in motion for the divorce terms. 

It's Simple: Most of the uncontested divorce filing can be done online. It's here where you can purchase the divorce paperwork that is needed for filing for divorce. These packages will come with instructions from your state, as well that help you fill out the paperwork properly. From here, you just send it in for processing and the whole thing is done. 

When you know these three reasons an uncontested divorce is the best way to go, you can discuss it with your spouse in order to figure out if this is one of the ways you can take your divorce. To learn more about your options, contact services such as The Divorce Company.

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